Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting around in style now

I had a wonderful surprise at the end of a tiring week.  Check this out:
Leaving the library late this Friday afternoon, I happened to see my office mate, William Nketsia, arriving on his bicycle.  I said hello and commented that I needed to get a bike, too; my legs are getting sore.  William said, "I know a guy who sells bikes--right across the road there--and will buy it back from you when done." That sounded great, so we went to the store where William seemed really at home--the owners were African , too.  I was glad he was my guide because his negotiating skills were fantastic.  In fact, he decided that the price was too high and offer to buy back too low. "Let's go; you don't need a bicycle until Monday," he said.

As we headed back to the library, he told me he lives very close to the library and the office, that he has a friend with an extra bike so I should take his!  So, I rode his bicycle home and it was a great trip.  Much easier than walking, for sure. 

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