Saturday, April 20, 2013

More images from Jyvaskyla

When the sun comes out, so do the people!  Here's an "instant cafe" in front an apartment building.

The artwork on some buildings is interesting, brightening the cityscape whether overcast or sunny. Continue to the end and arrive at the university.

The next two remind me that I am in a Nordic country.  Immediately below you see a ski run and the structure to the right is a ski jump.   This view is from about 1/2 mile from my flat.

Even in late April, the lake is still frozen.  Even with the sun shining, when the wind blows over the lake, it is very cold.  And it was very windy, today!

This bridge is an emblem of the university. It corresponds to our Guy West Bridge.

One of the stranger bits of public art I've seen....front....and


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  1. I love that instant cafe!
    - Krisi