Thursday, April 25, 2013

May Day coming!

May 1st is a major holiday in Finland and preparations are already underway.  My office is located next to the sports fields and arena, so there is some open space nearby so the carnival is being set up there for the holiday.  Obviously, the weather can be beautiful!  However today I was caught in a  rain shower while the sky generally looked like this.  Fortunately, the shower was short.  All things in moderation here....

May Day is still a celebration of workers. Labor unions organize a parade and speeches delivered by union and political officials celebrating labor and value of the unity of workers. Our Labor Day has became "the last holiday before fall" or "picnic day" or "party hearty day!"  It is this sort of commitment to workers that has led to a very sizable (in relative terms--there are only about 5.5 million Finns, remember) and strong middle class in Finland.  It is interesting to me that labor in the US is under constant attack by both corporations  AND many state governments; the federal government is no advocate--Mr. Obama's supposed commitment to labor is without evidence.  So, on May Day, Wednesday, May 1, join your union if  one exists for you to join.  

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